India Focuses on Family

Family is obviously an important part of India’s life. Pictures of her son and daughter line the walls of the living room in their new apartment. Their place is spotless and organized, yet welcoming and cozy. Life hasn’t always been this comfortable, though; it’s taken a lot of hard work to get to this point.

India was engaged and her wedding day was near when the relationship fell apart. She had a difficult time coping and dealt with severe depression. “I couldn’t eat or sleep, and I didn’t want to go to work or do anything,” she said. Nevertheless, the bills piled up, and eventually India and her children were evicted from the house they were renting.

India’s sister took them in, but that proved to be a temporary solution. Her sentiment is shared by many that find themselves homeless: “I just didn’t want to be a burden to anyone.”

In January of 2010, India and her children started living at St. Vincent Gateway Shelter for women and families. Her family struggled to adjust to this change: “I knew we needed our own place, but I didn’t know what to do. I had never been in that situation before.”

While at the shelter, she met with two case managers from Homefull, Linda and Molly. Linda would visit India every couple of weeks to see how her job search was progressing and to encourage her to keep submitting applications for employment. Molly helped India articulate her short and long-term goals and plan the steps she needed to take to get there. “Homefull helped me slow down and focus on my goals,” India said, “and most important, they helped me find stability for my kids.”

One of India’s primary goals was, very understandably, to find housing for her family. In May of 2010, this goal began to take shape. With the help of Homefull and County Corp, India and her children visited several different apartments within their budget. Ultimately, the family decided on an apartment that Homefull had recently-remodeled to call home.

Another goal for India was to finish her master’s degree, in order to supplement her criminal justice bachelor’s degree from Urbana University. Now that her family is settled, India is taking online classes towards her master of psychology degree. In addition, she is working at Merchant Data Service in Miamisburg.

The motivation to create a better life resonates in more than India. Inspired by Homefull’s philanthropy, India’s daughter is the president of a club at her high school which collects and distributes items for families in need.

India concluded, “Homefull has truly been a blessing. They helped me get back to where I used to be and where I need to be.”