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The 16 Acre Project: Programs


Affordable housing is important to the economic vitality of communities. It can attract and retain employees to the community. Affordable housing is the chance to decrease childhood poverty, providing children with a better and more equitable path forward is one of the long-term way to build economic growth and healthier communities.

Homefull Housing will include 144 1, 2, and 3 bedroom units of affordable housing for households earning less than 80% Average Median Income. The lovely walkable community will be a pillar of healthy living in West Dayton.


Food deserts are areas where people have limited access to a variety of healthful foods. Research demonstrates that people who have access to supermarkets and fresh, healthy food have lower rates of diet-related diseases than their counterparts in neighborhoods which lack food access.

The Grocery will be a full-service conventional store with fresh, local produce and budget-friendly grocery selections. The Regional Food Hub creates a network for connecting local growers to institutional buyers for a thriving local food system.


Low wage jobs hit persons of color hardest since they make up a disproportionate share of the low wage workforce. Employment and job creation build prosperity and carry important health benefits both for individuals and the entire community.

Create and conduct entry level skilled trade jobs and professional job training and workforce development programming including warehouse management and logistics, retail and property facility and maintenance and management.


Poverty will not cause diseases, but it creates the likelihood of developing them. Social Determinants of Health, especially poverty, structural racism, and discrimination are the primary drivers of health inequities.

Kettering Health’s Primary Care Center, a 2,400 square foot facility with culturally sensitive state of the art accessible health care services and education. ZIKS Family Pharmacy, a comprehensive local pharmacy and educator, centrally located in the heart of the health campus.


Regular updates will be posted here as construction progresses over the coming months. Click below to see the latest news.

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